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Services and Prices

Dog Walking


Great for dogs that do well with routine

  • Daily walks help with hyperactivity
  • Daily walks alleviate boredom in your dog
  • Daily walks help with attention-seeking behavior such as barking or whining
  • On each visit we refresh your dog’s water bowl and provide plenty of love

20 minute walk/backyard potty breaks

Perfect for senior dogs, puppies, or dogs recuperating from surgery or illness.

30 minute walks/backyard potty breaks

Perfect for active adult dogs, playful puppies, or your new rescue dog that needs more socialization and leash experience.

45 minute walks/backyard potty breaks

Perfect for high-energy dogs that need to burn off energy or for the overweight dog that needs to burn calories.

60 minute walks/backyard potty breaks

Perfect for pet parents that work long days and have a high-energy dog. We can also feed your dog if it falls into their mealtime schedule.

Pet Sitting

We feed,water, medicate, clean litter boxes, pick up your mail and spend quality time with your animal companions!

Benefits of using a pet sitter versus a boarding facility

Your pets will be in their own environment with the same routine.

It reduces their stress level and anxiety

You reduce the risk of them being exposed to germs and diseases at a boarding facility

A pet sitter provides one on one attention

A pet sitter eliminates the need to ask your friends, neighbors, and family to care for your pets

Our pet sitters are bonded, insured, and trained in pet first aid and CPR

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Prices

  • 20 minutes : $25.00
  • 30 minutes : $30.00
  • 45 minutes : $35.00
  • 60 minutes : $37.00
  • Overnight Visits-$130 (9 hours)

When making your reservation, tell us how many visits per day and the length of visits you need. You can also mix and match lengths of time. For example: You may need a 30 minute morning and evening visit for us to feed Fido and let him outside, and an additional 20 minute afternoon potty break.

Initial Registration Meeting

No Charge

This is when we meet you and your animal companions for the first time prior to using our services.

Daily text or email update

from your sitter/walker

No Charge

Additional Registration meeting


When you move to a new house or add a new pet

Extra Pets

Our prices cover up to 3 pets. 4 or more pets are an additional $4.00 per pet per visit

Exact Time


Need a specific time? No problem! Just add $5 to your visit price

Same Day Reservation


We understand when you might need us at the last minute and we drop everything to get to your house as soon as we can! This does not include weekends. Our office is closed on the weekend and therefore cannot accept last-minute reservations for the weekend.

Lockout fee


Oh no! Did you lock yourself out? No worries! If your key is one file with us we can let you in. ( We’ve all done it! Don’t be embarrassed).

Key Pick-Up & Drop-Off Service

$17 each way

Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable leaving keys on file with us or using a lockbox. No worries! We’ll come and pick up your key before you depart as well as return it after you get back. Please schedule these times through the office.

Locksmith Fee

$25 an hour

If there is an issue with your key or door and we are unable to reach your pets, we will contact you to make arrangements for a locksmith and we will standby until they arrive.

Meet your Sitter


We have an extensive hiring process but if you still wish to meet your sitter beforehand, we understand! It can be scary having a stranger come into your home. Each member of our team goes through a rigorous hiring process, background check, reference check and is bonded and insured.

Holiday Fees

Flat Rate per day-This is in addition to your regular visit fees

New Year's Eve Day $12

New Years Day $20

Easter $20

Memorial Day $12

4th of July $20

Labor Day $12

Thanksgiving $25

Christmas Eve Day $25

Christmas Day $25

Pharmacy Pick-Up

$26 /We’ll make a trip to your pharmacy or veterinarian's office and get what you need for you or your pet. Your pharmacy/vet office needs to be within 8 miles of your home.

Shopping Service

$45 per hour / Maybe you need a Birthday gift picked up or maybe you need more pet food. Count on us. We’ll get it for you. We’ll travel up to 10 miles from your home.

Full Plant Watering Service

$30 Up to 5 indoor plants is included in your basic service, but do you have more plants or gardens that need attention while you’re gone? If so, we’re here for you!